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Quilts of Valour

12 Quilts were Donated in 2018-19

Making a Quilt of Valour is a tangible way of expressing your appreciation for someone who has put his or her life on the line for our country.

Our members have been busy piecing, quilting and binding. In January, 11 quilts were delivered to our QoV representative Deborah Gray. She is always so pleased to receive them. Seven of the 11 quilts were part of last year’s count, four of them are part of this year’s count so, as of February, we have a total of 12 quilts this year (4 handed in and 8 at various stages). Thank you for continuing to make a difference for someone you don’t know – it’s a real act of kindness.

The Quilts of Valour Canada are providing a super new label that must be affixed to the back of each quilt. Please do not use our Boundary Bay Quilters Guild labels. The new label provides a space for “Presented to:”, “Date:”, and “ID No:” – these are to remain blank. “Made by:” will be completed by “Boundary Bay Quilters Guild”. However, if you prepare the quilt completely by yourself by providing the material for the top, batting, backing, and quilt and bind it yourself, and if you wish, you may put your name in that place. Since the BBQG supports the QoV by providing batting, backing, and the cost of thread for the long arm quilters, all other quilts will have the guild’s name in that space. The wording on the label is:

“Handmade with love, respect and gratitude for your sacrifice to Canada.
May the hugs stitched into this quilt give you comfort, strength and love.”

You may want to bookmark the QoV Canada website

Quilts of Valour Canada

Lynn W.
Quilts of Valour

QUILTS OF VALOUR – The tops should be a minimum 50 x 60 and can go  up  to 72 x 96

Quilts of Valour Blocks

Short on time? You may want to consider making a “Brave and Bold” block that can be pieced together with those from others to create a quilt.