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Y2K Challenge

2020 marks the 20th anniversary of the Boundary Bay Quilters Guild (BBQG) and, to commemorate this milestone, there will be a “2020 Challenge”. Participants will have 11 months to complete a quilt to be shown at the December 2020 meeting. Members attending the December meeting will have an opportunity to vote for their favorite, and prizes will be awarded to the winners.

The last date to register for this challenge is June 16th, at the June Guild meeting. Participants must be members of the BBQG. Registration information will be available at the regular Guild meetings.

It will be great to include the quilts made for this challenge in a special display at our next quilt show to illustrate how far we’ve come in 20 years.


Theme – The traditional 20th Anniversary gift is CHINA. This could be interpreted in many ways as your jumping off point, i.e. a trip to China; Chinese designs on fabric; or … dishes.

Sizes – In keeping with the theme, quilt sizes must be divisible by 20 inches – i.e. 20 X 20, 20 X 40, 40 X 40, etc., with a minimum size of 20 X 20 and a maximum size of 60 X 60.

Inspiration – Look through your old books and magazines and your vintage fabric stash and find “something” that indicates what we were making in 2000. If you weren’t quilting or didn’t save any old patterns, etc., there is a supply of old magazines available. For the benefit of the viewers, please provide a short artist’s statement including the pattern designer, etc., or information about the materials used.

Sew, have a dig into the back of your cupboard and see what’s been hiding back there, just waiting for the opportunity to be used for this challenge. The sign-up sheet will be conveniently located between “Bus Trips” and “Block Lotto” at the January meeting.

Have questions? Contact Kathy Chambers or Dawn Fielden